Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half ( Wheat Field)

The DP’s theme for last week is Half and Half.

Photographers talk about the rule of thirds.

Taking pictures half / half is usually not recommended.DSC_0265

This week, I will continue sharing some pictures which are half / half.

The picture was taken on the way from Latvia to Lithuania.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half ( Wheat Field)

  1. Actually, I was going to say it felt like a Van Gogh. It’s his colors. So soft. He loved wheat fields. It could go either way with location if it were either. French or Dutch. You have captured the definite look of a painting with your photograph. I find it to be so beautiful. The half/half have some definite advantages in perception. It splits the world in half when you are seeing it as water and fluffy clouds in the sky. The center point drops you off the edge of the Earth. Quite a view. Amazing photography. I don’t want to stop so I will take your journey till the end of the month, if I am able to stop. I did promise I would go to sleep by 2am. It is past that time. But I am enjoying the view of your photographs so much. It is good to find this time. I will try to be back tomorrow night if possible to view August. I am working my way up to now eventually. And I know I will enjoy the visits. Thank you for such beautiful and amazing sights and images to be awed by and to see something I would never see otherwise. Night now Michael. jk 😀

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