Patchwork Road at Biei, Hokkaido

I am going to show you two pictures of the so called Patchwork Road at Biei, Hokkaido.

The first one was taken by my brother last week was he was there. His picture shows a much wider and open field. The clouds in the sky was interesting too.11873750_10207437034782639_694644250704798477_n

The second picture was taken by my some years ago in the same area. Obviously, I did not take the picture from the same angle or location, it shows the fields in more detail.cimg0203

However, I believe, both pictures when taken together would give readers a good idea as to how beautiful the place is.

Hay Bales at Furano

Is this the modern version of Hay Stacks by Monet?

The picture was taken by my brother who has just returned from a trip to Furano with  his family.

The Furano they saw was quite different from the one we saw.

Our Furano was full of lavender, canola flowers and even cabbage flowers ( we went there a couple of times).11894412_10207437125824915_4875344226512190755_o

They didn’t see any lavender, principally because we didn’t go there in the same season.

I like the photos taken by my brother, although our photographic styles are quite different.

Unless I find necessary, I don’t usually photoshop the pictures.

On this picture, I like the bales and the clouds.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day (Lavender)

Pardon me for sharing yet another photo of lavender field.

The photo was taken by my wife; not only that, I am in the photo.cimg0213

There was something poetic about the photo. I was happily strolling the lavender field, walking towards a tree. While a girl was approaching it from the other direction.

My wife caught this moment which was not unlike the lovers meeting high up on a hill in a bitter sweet moment in the film ” Love is a Many Splendored Thing”.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day ( Furano)

We will never forget driving to Furano and Biei, Hokkaido that day to see the flowers.

The lavender was in full bloom, so were the other more colored flowers.CIMG0155A

We spent a whole afternoon there gazing at the flowers.

It was a paradise for the photographers!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day (Ritsurin Garden)

It wasn’t a good day in terms of weather; as it has been raining cats and dogs.

However, we did have a good day in the Ritsurin Garden, Shikoku, Japan.

Watching lotus, artistically twisted and trimmed trees, a Japanese style bridge which resembles the Monet footbridge, have Japanese tea tasting etc.CIMG5532

All in all, it was a good day.

I like the lotus flowers most, although they were shattered by the heavy down pour.

For those who are interested in the garden, please see my other posts.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day ( Lake Barrine)

We were up north in Australia, somewhere beyond Cairns.

We were blessed with another Good Day visiting Lake Barrine.

The water in the lake was pristine with lots of flora and fauna and there was a lot of wild life on the shores of the lake.CIMG0536

After taking a cruise on the lake, we took a rest in a cafe there, entertaining ourselves with the best scones and tea we ever had.

Then we took a stroll by the lakeside and captured more photos.

This photo shows everything I needed that day. If I need a boat ride, there is a boat tied up there. If I wanted a rest under the shade, there was a bench.

What else do I need?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day

I suddenly realize that I have no post prepared for this week.

There is a disruption at this end as my modem was burnt out and there were some personal issues to attend to.

The DP’s weekly photo challenge is Today was a Good Day.

I don’t need a day with special gaiety and excitement; what I needed is a day when I can walk by the sea and feeling at peace with myself.14719_565283316822146_1053155327_n

This photo was taken when I did such a walk by the seaside of rural Hong Kong ( the New Territories ).

A day sweetly doing nothing but feeling blissful!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy ( in a Cavern)

This week’ DP photo challenge is Creepy.

Here is a picture taken inside a limestone cavern with stalactites and stalagmites.

The series of stalactites hang from the roof, extending down to almost the water below.DSC_0208A

The reflection created is equally interesting.

Given that the picture was taken some years ago, I can only remember it was a cave we passed by on our way to Zhangjiajie in China.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy ( in the Hanging Temple)

The Hanging Temple in China is already a creepy place.

How on earth can you build a temple out of nowhere, jutting out from the rock face of an extensive cliff and not supported from underneath?DSCF2454

I have posted some photos of the Hanging Temple and also more recently a creepy red colored door in the temple.

Here is another one – honestly, I don’t know what it is? A Buddha in the middle, two figures on the side, one seemingly to come out of the opening. ?