Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration ( Sanqing Shan)

The source of my inspiration is from the nature.

It could be mountains, sea, rivers, clouds, waterfalls etc.

One of my recent inspirational moments is hiking to the top of Sanqing Shan, China.DSCF0966

This photo was captured when hiking up on the trails near to the top of the mountain when clouds came looming over and the area was darkened.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration ( Sanqing Shan)

  1. The exposed rocks in the left of the photo first caught me eye. Then I noticed the small, horizontal line of manmade structure (hiking path?) slowly following the contour of the peak on the right. This put the image into perspective. How much larger is nature to us. But, how through persistance, we continually climb to previously unaccessable heights.

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