Weekly Photo Challenge: Under Your Feet ( Limestone Pavement)

This week’s DP challenge is Under Your Feet.

We had a good time on Hvar Island, Croatia.

Everyday, we walked upon limestone pavement on the seaside promenade.DSCF0496

It is interesting that the pavements are all paved in limestone blocks ( some said it was marble).

Here is a photo showing how the pavement looks, with a little cute puppy resting on it. To add to the otherwise plain background, I have got some pretty flowers.DSCF0503

The one below shows a bigger dog, walking slowly under the sun, by the sea.

The sun was fierce and he was sweating and panting. The picture, however, is a bit monotonic.



28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Under Your Feet ( Limestone Pavement)

  1. When I was a young student I moved away from the boring outer suburb into old inner city suburbs. I used to love wandering around the old bluestone cobbled back lanes on sunny days, peering into the backyards and soaking up the warmth reflected off the old stones. I used to love observing the difference between the neat front yards maintained for public appearance, with the messier, more natural states of the backyards, and imagining the earlier life of these backlanes which were designed for horse and cart times.

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