Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy ( at the National Parks)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Creepy.

There are many creepy and crawly creatures in the National Parks in the South West of the States.CIMG3947

These include some reptiles.CIMG4645

Also, some snakes.

Some of them are quite big and look creepy too.CIMG4709

We dislike snakes as we never know what may happen next.

So, we usually stay away fro these creatures as far as possible.CIMG4713

These pictures were taken by my wife on the trip.

44 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy ( at the National Parks)

  1. Your wife is really brave and captures the snake picture. We all know basically what poison snake has. Even though she followed and taken the picture. Convey my wishes to her.

  2. Great pictures. Just a question: do you use mobile phone or a special camera when taking the photos during traveling? Thanks.

  3. (PS. just read your comment as to the equipment you use. Good. The smaller the better. Zoom is not yet very good on phones. Yet, that’s all I use)

  4. Michael, for this post I was going to post that .. terrible fruit I tried out in HK. The durian – that was creepy in more than one way. *laughing

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