Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day

I suddenly realize that I have no post prepared for this week.

There is a disruption at this end as my modem was burnt out and there were some personal issues to attend to.

The DP’s weekly photo challenge is Today was a Good Day.

I don’t need a day with special gaiety and excitement; what I needed is a day when I can walk by the sea and feeling at peace with myself.14719_565283316822146_1053155327_n

This photo was taken when I did such a walk by the seaside of rural Hong Kong ( the New Territories ).

A day sweetly doing nothing but feeling blissful!

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day

  1. Funny Michael, this photo reminds me of the lake near our house in Sammamish, Washington (just outside of Seattle) where I used to walk my dog every day and sometimes, write poems. Makes me miss it, and reminds me how much these special places look the same no matter how far away they are from one other, how similar things can be too. Cheers to you and yours. – Bill

    • Yeah, places could look very similar, I have another picture taken in an other part of Hong Kong, except that it hasn’t got the water reeds. Thanks for writing!

  2. Any walk by the say makes for a good day. I am glad that you should have a sea near enough fo a walk.
    (And the composition was very good)

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