Hay Bales at Furano

Is this the modern version of Hay Stacks by Monet?

The picture was taken by my brother who has just returned from a trip to Furano with  his family.

The Furano they saw was quite different from the one we saw.

Our Furano was full of lavender, canola flowers and even cabbage flowers ( we went there a couple of times).11894412_10207437125824915_4875344226512190755_o

They didn’t see any lavender, principally because we didn’t go there in the same season.

I like the photos taken by my brother, although our photographic styles are quite different.

Unless I find necessary, I don’t usually photoshop the pictures.

On this picture, I like the bales and the clouds.

14 thoughts on “Hay Bales at Furano

  1. Yes the mechanized bales have replaced the haystacks. Those, called “meules de foin” were very Romantic. Used as shelters if you were caught by the rain or for frollicking by young lovers. Another bit of poetry gone down the mechanic drain. 🙂

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