Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy ( at the National Parks)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Creepy.

There are many creepy and crawly creatures in the National Parks in the South West of the States.CIMG3947

These include some reptiles.CIMG4645

Also, some snakes.

Some of them are quite big and look creepy too.CIMG4709

We dislike snakes as we never know what may happen next.

So, we usually stay away fro these creatures as far as possible.CIMG4713

These pictures were taken by my wife on the trip.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy ( By the Sea)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Creepy.

A rain storm was coming and the sky was darkened.2415682259_2dc05636b2_o

There was something creepy about it; with dark clouds and silhouettes.

Picture was taken in a remote part of Hong Kong.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy (Fish)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Creepy.

This was how I felt when I took this photo in the aquarium at Okinawa, Japan.DSC_0204

The stripes, the fragile fins, the eyes, the lack of motion of the fish altogether gave me a creepy feeling when the blue light in the aquarium shone through the Lion fish.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy ( Landscape)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Creepy.

The hoodoos or goblins in the Goblin Valley State Park offers one of the most creepy landscapes.CIMG4388

Here is an introduction from the Wikipedia:

Goblin Valley State Park is a state park of Utah, USA.

Its eminent feature is its thousands of hoodoos and hoodoo rocks, referred to locally as “goblins”, which are formations of mushroom-shaped rock pinnacles, some as high as several meters. The distinct shape of these rocks comes from an erosion-resistant layer of rock atop softer sandstones.CIMG4375

The park lies within the San Rafael Desert southeast of the east limb of theSan Rafael Swell and north of the Henry Mountains. Utah State Route 24 passes about four miles east of the park. Hanksville lies 12 miles to the south.CIMG4409

The photos were taken by my wife.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet (Street View)

We were up on the 62nd floor of a cylindrical building on Hong Kong island.

The restaurant on this floor has an external core which rotates so that visitors can get a range of different views in an hour.DSCF3251

This is one of the street views “underneath my feet” which I captured.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet (Cable Stayed Footbridge)

We took the cable car to the top of the hill in Langkawi, Malaysia.

From there we have a panoramic view of the mountains and the blue ocean.

There is a cable stayed footbridge which takes you from one side of the mountain to another.DSC_0275

The cable stayed bridge has only one middle pier support off the mountains.

Standing on the footbridge, gazing out, all you have beneath you is the bridge deck and hundred feet of air before you reached the ground below.

You understand that is a big air gap under you!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet ( Tiles)

I like walking on cobble stones , however, I also like walking on interestingly paved tiles.

Here are two photos.

The first one shows the tiled pattern in the busy area of Macau.DSCF0787

I like the wavy tile pattern.

The second picture was taken in Ephesus, Turkey.CIMG0223

These ancient mosaic tiles in a pattern were laid on the pavement when Ephesus was a thriving city.

At the moment, you can still walk on these tiles!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet ( White Cotton Castle?)

Pamakkule is my favorite place for visiting in Turkey.

In Chinese, it is translated as White Cotton Castle.


From afar, the limestone terraces look like castles.


When we were there, we were allowed to walk inside the white terraces, provided you take your shoes and socks off.


What a one-off and interesting life experience with the white deposits under your feet!CIMG0254


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet (Red Earth)

This is literally beneath your feet.

This picture was taken on a trip to the National Parks in the South West of the States.DSCF8578

The place, including some of the deserts are covered with a reddish brown soil which will deposit on your shoes and trousers when you hike.

The feet/ shoe belong to my brother-in-law!