Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day (Langkawi)

All my days in Langkawi, Malaysia were good days.

The good days there usually consisted of walking along the beach and watching the sunset when the days were coming to an end.DSC_0031

Sitting out on the rocks and meditate was also my favorite pastime, just like the man in my photograph.

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day (Langkawi)

  1. Nothing beats a sunset on the beach.
    Well… There once was a sunset almost at the top of Mont-Blanc, at the refuge du GΓ΄uter that ranks pretty high.

    • But how will you know for sure? there’s no telling. πŸ™‚ You set the alarm clock early and it turns out to be a crap.. (rainy ) day? πŸ™‚

    • Ah Michael. I’m very sorry. As you (may) know I’ve been there. Now all you can do is make her life as easy and pleasant as possible. Those will hard moments to go through my friend. And the more your brothers and sisters can be united the better. And also remember, there will still b moments of fun, joy and happiness. I’m with you if that’s any help. Take care. Brian

    • Yes, you told me, that’s why your advice are most relevant and practical. Our siblings are uniting together. Many thanks for your kind assistance and the always comforting words, Brian!

    • You’re welcome. I wish I could more, but I’m also glad that you and your family are… “pulling together”. Keep the spirit. Don’t forget to take pictures of other, pleasant things. Take care. brian

    • Mom is not afraid of dying; only that she doesn’t want to suffer the excruciating pain. For this, I could only pray.
      You are my best friend out in the blogosphere, always giving me such good advice!

    • Thank you Michael. I’m honoured. And again, I understand your mother. Pain is the only enemy. Fortunately much progress has been done in pain-killers. But for the time-being, you all take it one day at a time. Ah. Today was saturday. Hope your lunch went well with your mother. And tomorrow is sunday also a good day. Be good. πŸ™‚

    • No, she is in a hospital because of a subacute pain in the intestine, I have been visiting the hospital 3 times yesterday, firstly to get a debriefing from a doctor. She was rushed to a public hospital which is not exactly good. I will be seeing her twice today, they only allow limited visits.
      Have a great weekend!

    • Hmmm. I agree that hospitals are not good. Hopefully she can leave soon. Home is always the best place to be. I wish this next week to be better. And hopefully your mother will come back home. πŸ™‚ (And picture a thumbs emoticon, which I don’t have on my Mac keyboard)

    • Hi, I have just collected her home; only her symptoms subsided, the cancer of course remains in the body.
      Home is always infinitely better than hospital. Again, we will pray and leave this too God. Many thanks for your kind concerns!

    • Any time. And just remember always: one day, or a moment at a time. You all have a good week, or what’s left of it. πŸ™‚

    • I don’t know how wise. There is a Mexican saying that says: “The Devil knows more because he is old then because he is the Devil”.

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