Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

I have been posting a series known as The Dog that Lived on a Fishing Raft.

It was about the life of a dog whose owner chose to rear this labrador on one of his rafts for rearing fishes in the sea.

For much of the time when the owner was not on the raft, the dog was a loner.

This dog has a great connection to his owner and to those who went fishing on the rafts.382748647_8ef403d055_b

I have stopped posting about him when I heard last summer, this dog Dor Dor was drowned in the sea. He went for a swim but couldn’t get back onto the raft because his body was too heavy ( due to captivity on the raft) and the raft was too high to climb back on.

Here is a photo which shows the great connection between the dog and the owner. May his soul rest in peace.

35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

  1. I would say that regardless of how his life ended, that Lab had the best life imaginable. Our Chocolate Lab would give anything for such a lifelong adventure, though he’s far from lacking a good life;)

  2. Yes I remember reading you earlier posts on him. The photos were always so beautiful. Really sad to hear about dor dor. His owner must be devastated.

  3. Oh, so sad, Michael. But the death of a loved dog is always sad, no matter how it ends. My previous dog, Cooper, was dying for three years — he had a collection of maladies that all kept getting worse but none was fatal (or was so severe that we had to make the terrible decision). So for three years he was carried up and down stairs, into the car, and taken to the vet. It was heartbreaking.

    So I’m betting that this dog died the way he would have chosen to go. And what a wonderful life for a dog!

  4. I enjoyed your posts about Dor Dor. As I look down at my Golden Lab Sasha…I’m certainly saddened to hear of his passing. Your post is a fine tribute to his life…thank you for sharing. If there is a heaven…I hope Dor Dor found his way there.

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