Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected (Yunnan)

I like bridges as it connects places which otherwise are separated or inaccessible.

Here are a couple of photos which I took near to the entrance of some very big caverns in Yunnan, China.DSC_0416

The first photo shows in more detail the bridge which connects both sides. Water flows quickly swiftly below the bridge into the cavern. A bridge over troubled waters?DSC_0406

The photo may be a bit hard to visualize; therefore, I have included a second photo in portrait format which shows the outline of the caverns.

It is hard to imagine how to connect both sides before the bridge was built.

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected (Yunnan)

  1. I love bridges too! That’s what God is all about: Building bridges between us and Him and creating connections between us and each other. We are not and cannot be whole in isolation. May we never tire of building bridges and anticipate the joy in discovering what we will find on the other side. “-)

  2. A very… adventurous, Indiana Jones style bridge and gorge.
    (Come to think of it, if you really were a bridge engineer – I think I read that somewhere – you do favour bridges in many of your photos!) Hehe!

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