It is unbelievable that I now have 10,000 Followers!t015d3320b408df816d

Thanks everyone!

My special thanks go out to those who read my posts, the ones who “Like” them and, of course, the ones who field in their comments and chat with me.

I have started blogging since 1 January 2012.

I was most moved when more than 60 readers responded to my post saying they will pray for my mother who was diagnosed to have colon cancer and undertook an operation in December 2014.

She is still struggling with it. Her cancer has spread to her ovaries and other parts of the abdomen.

She is undergoing oral chemotherapy and has now completed two courses. Every night and day, I can only pray that God that will look kindly upon her and increase the mercy on her.

Suddenly, last night, all hell broke loose, she has to be rushed to the hospital and is staying there for a long battle.

I find strength when readers write to give me the moral support or join me in my prayers for my beloved mother. I would ask that readers join me again in my prayers praying for mom.

Going back to my blog, I have now reached a new bench mark.

The Chinese character I show here means 10,000.

The character is quite artistic and I hope you like it!