Milan Cathedral By Day and By Night

Various members of my family do like taking photos.

My brother likes uploading them to his Facebook to feature his travels.

My wife like taking photos with her iPhone but never bothers to publish them.IMG_0975

As mentioned in my earlier post, my wife and her dad are travelling in Italy and Switzerland, here are two pictures of the Milan Cathedral she sent me via the iPhone today:

Monochromatic views of the Cathedral at Milan at day time and also at night.IMG_0988A

Actually, I like both photos, their perspectives are quite different from those available on the internet.



20 thoughts on “Milan Cathedral By Day and By Night

  1. The Milan Cathedral is one of my favorite cathedrals because it’s actually built of pink marble (although you can’t really see it well in these photos)! It’s really beautiful when the sun shines on it because it glistens pink!

  2. One of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world, especially the pink marble it is built of. You can also go outside on the rooftop to see the statues and the gold plated Madonna. Thank you for sharing and bringing back the memories.

  3. Ooooh, these two pictures look so wonderfully sinister…the sky getting darker in the first one…my writer’s mind goes into overdrive when I see images like this. Secret assignations, foul deeds planned in the dark shadows of pink marble…

  4. A very good shot. As happens in many Italian cities, Milan’s cathedral is so “trapped inside the city that it is difficult to grab the entire building in one shot. (Think Florence’s Duomo: impossible)
    Been to Milan last year with my wife, climbed upstairs, the work is incredible. Every stone is a work of stone lace. Love it.

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