Weekly Photo Challenge:Grid ( Hong Kong)

It is not difficult to find Grids in the of city of Hong Kong.

All these pictures were taken in the heart of the city.CIMG3433

The first one was a view down a restaurant on the 62nd floor. It shows some very regular vertical and horizontal lines coming together forming a grid.CIMG3479

The second one shows a series of inclined struts, outside the Cultural Center in Tsim Sha Tsui of Kowloon.CIMG3633

The third one was taken in the IFC (International Financial Center) in Central, Hong Kong island. It is a view through the curtain wall of the mall, towards the Kowloon side. As always, you can see some construction activities going on – a part of life in Hong Kong.

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Grid ( Hong Kong)

    • I’ve been under an avalanche of events for the past week or so Michael and a lot of things have gone by the board. Thought I’d better touch base again. 🙂

    • Let’s put it this way Michael, I do my best to keep life running smoothly. More often than not it finds all the bumps in the road. Basically I have ptsd and have done since I left Vietnam in 1972. Sometimes I can keep it under control, other times not. As I’ve aged it’s become more difficult to manage. Lately it’s been full on and everything else goes by the board. So when life is good I do the things I like to do. When it’s not I do nothing. The one thing that helps me is photography.

    • It is good to know that you are keeping ptsd under control as far as possible and photography helps. I like photography as well but recently bogged down by health issues of family members. Best of health to you!

    • Thanks Michael, sometimes it’s a full time job but in the end it’s worth the effort. 🙂 there’s always something that comes up in life to keep us focused, when it’s family in trouble then all else goes by the wayside.

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