Weekly Photo Challenge: Change ( Moon)

Today is the mid-Autumn Festival.

It is also known as the Moon Festival.12027604_10207665013401962_8529014107870441911_n

The moon will be full tonight and it is closest to the earth since 27 years ago.

I am sure I will be watching the moon tonight.

For now, I am showing a couple of pictures taken by my brother, of the moon he has taken yesterday and the day before.12036649_10207670439577613_61484944477568211_n

These show Change which is the theme of the DP photo challenge this week.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change ( Moon)

  1. Beautiful. There is a super moon, blood-red eclipse tonight. I’m going out to see what I can get. Unfortunately, I can’t get as close as you. My camera won’t let me. But I’ll do my best. ;0)

  2. Did you have the eclipse on your part of the world?
    (Couldn’t see it here as it was raining cats and dogs)

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