Streetscape at Macau

Macau has always been a place I can find relaxation.

Twenty years back, I used to go to Macau every several years to destress myself from the busy and stressful work life.DSCF0789

I would take a ride to the beaches, walk up to the Cathedral on top of the hill, stroll the back alleys and enjoy the Portuguese food ( which has been adapted to more local tastes).DSCF0616

However, Macau experienced a big change in the last 10-15 years.DSCF0633

There are now too many casinos and too many tourists.DSCF0617

The peaceful way of life has given away to a busy and materialistic one.

In my trip earlier this year to Macau, I tried to rediscover the quieter side of it.

Here are some pictures, one taken in the busy central area with a fountain.

Another one taken at a roundabout wherein people sit while relaxing under the trees or waiting around.DSCF0632

The other shots show the back alleys – the other side of the city which are less visited by tourists.