Streetscape at Macau

Macau has always been a place I can find relaxation.

Twenty years back, I used to go to Macau every several years to destress myself from the busy and stressful work life.DSCF0789

I would take a ride to the beaches, walk up to the Cathedral on top of the hill, stroll the back alleys and enjoy the Portuguese food ( which has been adapted to more local tastes).DSCF0616

However, Macau experienced a big change in the last 10-15 years.DSCF0633

There are now too many casinos and too many tourists.DSCF0617

The peaceful way of life has given away to a busy and materialistic one.

In my trip earlier this year to Macau, I tried to rediscover the quieter side of it.

Here are some pictures, one taken in the busy central area with a fountain.

Another one taken at a roundabout wherein people sit while relaxing under the trees or waiting around.DSCF0632

The other shots show the back alleys – the other side of the city which are less visited by tourists.

18 thoughts on “Streetscape at Macau

  1. Such a beautiful place. It’s a shame (I understand what you mean), but unfortunately all places get too busy with tourists and such and the peacefulness and tranquility are taken away. I would rather have it quiet and peaceful and less tourists, but… what are we to do. Thank you for sharing a beautiful place.

  2. I am currently ending a 4 weeks stay here in macau. this time i tried to be as much as possible without casino ans shopping malls. this worked very well and showed a nice side of this interesting part of the world.

  3. It’s always a shame when the very features that make a location unique and interesting are removed or altered by “development”. I think Cuba, for example, is likely to alter considerably with the thawing of its relationship with the U.S. I do wish we had travelled there when we could do so from the UK. Anyway it looks like you managed to find some lovely areas of Macau despite the changes.

  4. Thanks for the like of “in my neighborhood.” I always liked the fresh bread from the bakeries in Macau in the 1980’s. I enjoy checking in on your observations.

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