Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas 1

Many visitors to Hong Kong find this temple awesome.

The temple houses over 10,000 Buddha statues, all dissimilar in appearance.

However, as photography in the temple is not allowed, the ten thousand Buddhas are rarely shown on pictures.CIMG7268

To reach the temple, one has to walk 430 steps. Along the way, you see some 500 Luohans or Arhats.

Here is a picture of the Luohans or Arhats, all plated in gold colors, with different expressions.

The picture was taken by my brother based in the States and who is right now  in Hong Kong.

Fall Foliage ( South Korea)

I can’t help re-posting this photo again.

It is an image that I like and proud in taking it.DSCF3339

How enjoyable it was to stroll along this winding path with colored foliage on both sides.

Wandering in the Wonderland?

The Cruise Ship and the Terminal

I know I will never be able to take such a picture or process it to such quality.

This picture was taken at Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon in Hong Kong.

It shows a liner berthed against the Ocean Terminal which was built in the 1960s.12132434_1190803077603497_6253951385515784263_o

The sun was setting and it cast a golden film on the Victoria Harbor.

You can also see the Victoria Peak behind the terminal and some buildings on the right.

The picture was taken by my class mate YM Chan; this serves as an inspiration for me to take better photo!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Extraordinary ( Buddha)

This is no ordinary Buddha but a buddha housed in the Yunggang Grotto, DaTong.

The cave was dark and this may be clearest picture I have ever taken there.DSCF2373

You may ask why there are holes on the buddha’s body.

What I understand is that the buddha originally has a colored coating or plaster on his body, which was held up by pegs embedded in the body but has since fallen off.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extraordinary ( Clouds )

Clouds are my favorite subject of photography.

In particular, I like shooting storm clouds in the tropics, over the infinite horizon.DSCF0027A

Here is a picture taken at Geneva, overlooking the lake with some extraordinary clouds at a relatively low altitude.

I have turned it into a black and white to make it look more moody.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Extraordinary ( Clouds)

We don’t see things like this everyday.

High up in Huangshan, China, you have to be in the right season and right moment to see these extraordinary clouds.photo (12)

Usually, they appear after rain but there is no guarantee that you will see these clouds after rain.

Photo taken by Chung Kwok Fan to whom credit is due.