The Cannon and the Casino (Macau)

Those who read my previous post realize that I don’t like the many casinos in Macau.

Certainly, these casinos generate a lot of revenue and GDP for Macau which has a small population.

Many of the residents there work for the casinos and some depend indirectly on the casinos.DSCF0771

I dislike gambling very much and the other vices it supports.

Up on the hill, there is a line of old cannons protecting Macau from sea attacks. Now they are obsolete.

Here are a couple of pictures I took – with the cannon pointing towards one of the casinos.

The casino was specially designed to be like a lotus flower; the external shape of which is quite interesting.

In fact, the firm which I worked for before retirement was responsible for the design of this special building.DSCF0772

The photos taken with the cannon pointing at the casino has a special meaning – they express my dislike of the casinos!