The Cannon and the Casino (Macau)

Those who read my previous post realize that I don’t like the many casinos in Macau.

Certainly, these casinos generate a lot of revenue and GDP for Macau which has a small population.

Many of the residents there work for the casinos and some depend indirectly on the casinos.DSCF0771

I dislike gambling very much and the other vices it supports.

Up on the hill, there is a line of old cannons protecting Macau from sea attacks. Now they are obsolete.

Here are a couple of pictures I took – with the cannon pointing towards one of the casinos.

The casino was specially designed to be like a lotus flower; the external shape of which is quite interesting.

In fact, the firm which I worked for before retirement was responsible for the design of this special building.DSCF0772

The photos taken with the cannon pointing at the casino has a special meaning – they express my dislike of the casinos!

41 thoughts on “The Cannon and the Casino (Macau)

  1. That cannon aimed at the casino is not doing it any favors. Classic, yet extreme, Feng Shui “cure” if you don’t like your neighbors or you want to take power away from a business: literally aim a cannon at it!

  2. That canon was there long before that casino was built, along with the many other Canons that point at various other buildings….

  3. Interesting. I understand the importance of the lotus in the east and that it probably has many “stylized” representations, but fro afar, I would not have “seen” the lotus.
    (Dislike casinos too.)
    (They’re the world’s perfect money laundering machine, and curiously with Mexico so high on the drug trafficking chart, casinos have sprung out of the ground like mushrooms in the past few years)

  4. My mother was a kindergarten teacher, consequently two things
    were particularly true about my childhood: Each minute was a teachable one, and everything
    we bought was on sale.

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