Somewhere in Time?

With its iconic red turrets piercing an azure California skyline, Hotel del Coronado radiates with a confidence of gracious Victorian splendor that is without equal.

Built in 1888, this classic beachfront respite near San Diego, California has long been heralded as one of America’s most beautiful beach resorts. A pronouncement underscored by its designation as a National Historic Landmark in 1977.LA 012A

In the novel, Richard travels from 1971 to 1896 rather than from 1980 to 1912. The setting is the Hotel del Coronado in California, rather than the Grand Hotel in Michigan. Richard begins the book with the knowledge that he is dying of a brain tumor, and the book ultimately raises the possibility that the whole time-traveling experience was merely a series of hallucinations brought on by the tumor. The scene where the old woman hands Richard a pocket watch (which he had given to her in the past) does not appear in the book.

18 thoughts on “Somewhere in Time?

  1. This was very interesting. I love the film and I never realized that the book was so different! The Hotel del Coronado I’d quite beautiful. I’d like to read about it. I guess I need to get the book! Thanks for the information.

  2. Fantastic story, very interesting. Yes, I was lucky to see it myself for a wedding on the beach nearby there, my friend a Navy Seal officer. And I learned what’s meant by the June gloom there in San Diego. Just couldn’t believe it was cloudy and cool there, in June. Your English is superb Michael. I’ve been following you a few years I think, and it reads perfectly. We’re in Scotland now, spending a few months in the UK. The light is perfect for photography, wish I was better with my camera or had a professional alongside me, like you. Best to you and yours, – Bill

  3. Now I am eager to read the book! Jeff and I saw this wonderful hotel only from a distance, years ago on a trip to San Diego. I have dreamed of staying there ever since. I like your interpretive photo – at first I thought it was an old sketch. I always enjoy a brief “getaway” to your blog!

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