Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate (Ceiling)

This picture speaks for itself.

The roof is one of the very ornate ones which I have ever seen.DSCF6255A

The picture was taken in a temple dedicated to general Yuefei, while stopping by various places in my cruise trip on the Three Gorges.

A general who fought the Jin barbarians only to be recalled back by the emperor and finally executed.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate (Ceiling)

    • And yet still widely used by management world wide in a metaphorical way… 😦
      (As the boss of my own company I was always very careful to chose the circumstances of giving a “beating” (which sometimes is necessary). The first one: never, never in public. Give the employee/executive a chance to redeem him/herself… 🙂

    • I believe that if you treat people as people they (may) return the favour. Now, I also had the rule of three: first warning, this is what you are doing well, this is not ok. Those are the ways to can fix things. Most people understand at the first warning. Some go to the second warning. “You still need to improve this and that, and believe me I’m not joking”. Third warning: “You are fired. You’ve had two chances”. 🙂
      Maybe not so kind right? 😉

    • I was lucky to have mostly excelent and very loyal executives. (With the odd black sheep of course) But fortunately I sold the company a while ago and just do a bit of consulting now. But, when I do, I work the project with former executives wherever they are. 🙂

    • Do you mind telling me what business you were in?
      In my retirement, I have been an advisor to a firm but has now stopped entirely, hoping to have more time caring my mother.

    • I’ve been in various sides of Marketing: Markerting on the client side, Advertising and strategic planning at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, then I founded my own Market research firm for about twenty years. Now I just do a wee bit of marketing consulting once in a dark moon. And you should be proud to have stopped advising. Our parents took good care of us when we were little, Then it’s our turn. has your mother reluctantly accepted taking prosure?

    • I have also stopped teaching at the university. My mom now agrees to a mixture of Prosure together with other milk powder.
      You must be a guru in Marketing and Market Research!

    • Yeah for the mixture! Very good.
      Not a (small) guru anymore. I was very much involved in the trade association and presented papers at our yearly Congress for 15 years. Fun. But that’s behind me now. Congrats on the mixture! I really glad.

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