The Death of a Butterfly

A few days ago, I still saw you flying around and fluttering near my window pane.

Now you are dead and lying on the concrete pavement.IMG_1122

I walked past and almost stepped on you.

How can something be so alive and now dead as a doornail.

I know Winter is near.

Maybe, I will see you again in Spring.

24 thoughts on “The Death of a Butterfly

  1. Usually when I see a dead butterfly the wings are worn and torn (even though I have only seen a few this way) and so that was what was striking – the wings are so in tact – and looks well – hmmmm truly a silver beauty

    • Thanks for the kind regards.
      While the post was written for a dead butterfly, in fact, it was inspired by the death of a classmate who suddenly died less than two weeks ago while playing his regular morning tennis in Toronto!

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