Are We Born Photographers ( or is photography just easy) ??

When I was a kid, I have a lot of admiration for people taking great photos.

How can such good photos can be captured using a simple and manual camera?

Now with cameras becoming so common and smart phones so handy, many people seem to be able to show off their talents in photography.

Here are two photos taken by my wife today in Glenorchy, near Queensland, South Island of New Zealand.IMG_1145

Both photos were taken with a smartphone.

She is again on a one month tour in the land of Kiwis, while I am holding the fort at home.IMG_1146

One just wonders where did she acquire her skills.

Similarly, my brother who has been residing 40 years abroad, also seems to have acquired excellent techniques. His photos are now featured in Fine Art America:


I would say his photos are a lot better than mine. Again, are we born photographers or everybody has this inner skills which only come to the fore when you have ready access to cameras.