Milford Track (2)

Hiking the Milford Track is surely a challenge, but those who have done it are rewarded with what they see.

I don’t actually know what the picture is showing and will ask my wife when she is back from the hike.IMG_0026

It seems to show water spilling over a ridge.

My question is why the water mass seems to discontinue after it spills over the ridge; creating this spectacular sight!

18 thoughts on “Milford Track (2)

  1. I went to Milford Sound last year and remember this phenomenon quite well. When the water falls over the ledge, the strong winds carry it away. You can see it a bit in the photo: the water is falling diagonally. Nice shot!

  2. Two guesses, about the sudden waterfall. 1) flash flood flow. We visted Canyon de Chelle in Arizona after a thunderstorm. From below the canyon walls, we saw many sudden waterfalls, as the local high waters flowed across the high-plateau then reached the edge of the canyon. 2) some type of sypon effect. There is a local spring, called Tidal Spring. The cave below fills up over a time period, during which the spring is dry. When it reaches a certain level, the water begins to run. The momentum of the flow draws water out of the cave until is drains to a certain level. The the spring is dry again, until the next high water level.
    Enough geological physics. Great moment that your wife captured.

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