Milford Sound vs Three Gorges

Here are two photos which talk to each other.

The top one was taken at Milford Sound in New Zealand, while the second one was taken in Three Gorges.IMG_0027

Both were taken on a boat.

They are very similar in composition but they convey very different moods.DSCF6173

The sea at Milford Sound was a bit choppy and the scene a bit dark.

I rather like the Three Gorges one which depicts sunset and calm waters.

42 thoughts on “Milford Sound vs Three Gorges

  1. Very nice pictures. Both really look quite the same and even look like they were taken at the same place. Nevertheless, I especially find the second one to be extremly stunning. Extremly beautiful

  2. I’m a little biased as my family are from the South Is of New Zealand but I really like the rugged charm of Milford Sound. They tell me they have also been to both places and loved both equally but differently.

    Lovely pictures mate, great to combine them!


  3. Wow what similarity Michael…having been to the Three Gorges I now must get to NZ. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos – guess your wife took the Milford Sound photo…striking photo of the Gorge

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