Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

This week’s DP photo challenge is Transition.

This footbridge in South Korea helped me Transitioning from an ordinary world to the wonderland of color foliage.DSCF3352

I started off this Blog in my retirement to write to myself; there was basically not many readers reading my writings on local happenings in English.

Realizing this, I transitioned this to be become a travel photo blog.

At the moment, I am wondering whether I should be selling my photos – for charity purpose only. All proceedings, if any, will be given for a good cause.

I am trying out on Fine Art America (FAA). You can find my 25 photos on


I am not totally happy with FAA as the proceeding from sale is only around 10-15% of what they charge buyers.

I understand that WordPress also has a facility for selling of photos; using their plugin Sell Media.

However, as an IT dummy, I don’t even understand what a plugin is.




46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

  1. I would spend more time researching plugins on WordPress, although I know it can be tedious, especially when it is not your top priority (or your first language!). But it’s a great idea to sell them for charity, I love that. Here’s to transition. – Bill

    • Hi Bill, The whole thing seem complicated to me, plugin, Paypal etc. I like giving away for charity; but as you say, I need some research. many thanks for the advice. Regards, Michael

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Michael. Good luck with your plans. When I get set up and caught up in our new home, I need to check it out. You’ve posted some wonderful photos that would definitely look good on a wall! 😀

  3. To me a plug-in is just an add-on, a special feature. WP may charge you for some. Though I’ve been involved with Data processing since 1972, I can’t help you with that. My best advice: ask your children or nephews, anyone between 15 and 30. Or… Google it “sell photos for charity”. Just like that or any other phrase that comes close to what you have in in mind. (Which, BTW, my dear Michael is a grnad idea) Speaks very highly of you.

  4. unfortunately, 10-15% is about the going rate for PODs (print-on-demand). for the Sell Media plugin to work, you would also need a self-hosted WordPress website (ending in .org), and that means you would need to run/troubleshoot/maintain the website yourself. that’s a daunting task for the non-IT minded like myself!

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