Weekly Photo Challenge: Now (Sunset)

The setting sun reminds me more than anything that the present moment is Now.

In a couple of minutes time, the sun will have sunk below the horizon.DSC_0051A

In 15 minutes, the sky will have darkened and the day will be coming to a close.

The photo was taken in Langkawi, Malaysia. It reminded me so strongly that I shouldn’t be chasing sunset anymore and should be back at the hotel for dinner.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Now (Clock)

This week’s  photo challenge is Now.

Clocks (and watches) always remind us of Now – the present moment. Of course, it is related to the concept of time or even to relativity.

While travelling in the Latvia, I stumbled across this clock tower. The face of the clock is interesting , so were the details around the edges.

I have to take this picture at an angle as the clock tower was quite tall. By doing so, I compressed the clock’s image in the vertical direction. Thinking about it, it is not the clock face that I want to compress, it is time that I want to compress and if possible, save time into a bottle as the Singer Jim Croce suggested in his Time in a Bottle lyrics.DSC_0063

On the subject of time, I am a big fan of Albert Einstein. One quotation from him is “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”  For instance, I didn’t hit you with eight blog posts at the same time. You only received one post in the last eight days, one post at a time.
Einstein also indicated that time is only an illusion. The fact that one of his best friends died first didn’t matter him that much; they will soon meet.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Now (Hong Kong)

This week’s DP theme for the Photo Challenge is Now.

I have a series of pictures here taken with a similar background – the skylines of the Hong Kong Island with the hills behind and the Victoria Harbor.12342677_808222855971893_5968102527660572133_n

All pictures have also in common the Star Ferry harbor crossing vessel.

The first picture have been take in the 1950s, the second one in the 1980s.1074828_564517866928007_1891007504_o

The last one was taken Now.

It can be appreciated from the photos the tremendous change that has happened to the shoreline / skyline of Hong Kong Island.DSCF2015

I didn’t take the first two photos, they were downloaded from the internet. As the source cannot be ascertained, I am unable to ask the photographers for their permission to upload. The credit of these photos belong to these unknown photographers.

Weekly Photo Challenge (Gathering of ?)

I don’t really know the common or scientific names of these animals in English.CIMG1017

They are definitely not the racoons which I like.

Here is a gathering of these interesting animals in the ChimeLong Park, China.

Milford Track

This is one of the stunning picture taken by my wife during her trip on the Milford Track.IMG_0022

I still have to make out what the green undergrowth is.

Given it is a Holiday Season, I am a bit lazy to research. Hope you will bear with me.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering (Elephants)

The holiday season has meant that I am unable to spend much time on blogging.

The photo was taken by my sister-in-law in Botswana.DSCF0187

It shows a gathering of elephants.

They are quite intelligent and sometimes have grudges against people.

Just Another Photo from New Zealand

New Zealand is probably the country that is the first to welcome the arrival of Christmas 2015 and the first one to see the sun set on that day.image1 (4)

This photo was taken by my wife while travelling in NZ.

Merry Christmas!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering (Giraffes & Lions)

My mind has been wandering off from photos to poems and calligraphy.

I think I better go back on track to feature photos for this week’s Photo Challenge.CIMG1087

I have seen many giraffes gathering together.

However, I have chosen this photo as it not only shows a gathering of these and other animals but also a tranquil place with a placid pond.

The picture was taken in the ChimeLong Safari Park, China.

The second picture was taken also in ChimeLong.CIMG1083

It shows a den of lions.

You can also say it is a gathering of lions.



Poetry and Calligraphy

I have been learning Chinese Calligraphy for three and a half years now.

For practicing the art, we used to write Chinese poems.

Here is the one I like best – it is known as the Poetry  “Lin Jiang Xian” or Fairies by the River.

I have translated it into English, accompanied with the Chinese words.

As to my calligraphy, I have written it in the Cursive Style.

A presentation which have characters in curves and in a flowing style.Chinese Calligraphy

Please enjoy the poem:

The roaring Yangtze disappears to the East, crushing waves take away many a hero.

Right or wrong, success or failure, it quickly turns to nothing.

Yet green hills remain and the sun rises and sets, leaving streaks of red.

As for the silver-haired fishermen and the wood choppers on the river island,
they are so used to viewing the Autumn moon and enjoying the Spring breeze.

With a bottle of cheap wine, they happily greet and cheer meeting each others.

Many a legend old and new, they would just laugh them away!

Tolo Harbor in the Morning

This is what I saw  this morning.

The rain has just stopped and I decided to take a stroll along the seaside of the Tolo Harbor, Hong Kong.

The rain clouds were still staying low. It looked as if they have penetrated in between layers of hills.IMG_1281

So, I quickly took this picture with my smart phone.

The picture is quite monochromatic but I like the effect.