Eyes of the Lions

Many of us have seen the Lion Dances.

Here are three Lion Heads use for the dances.IMG_1163

What interest me are the lion eyes. They look so vivid.

The picture was taken by my friend CP Chan in Hong Kong during a recent festival for casting away of the evils.

32 thoughts on “Eyes of the Lions

    • Thanks Michael, I am base in UK and your Good Morning is our Good Night. Thanks and will be back in Hong Kong for 10 days holidays in mid January next year.

    • I see; you seem to know a lot about HK, that made me wonder where are you based. So, you are coming back in between Christmas and Chinese New Year, should be a good time as places may not be that crowded. Wish you a good and enjoyable trip!

    • Thanks Michael, yea my husband from Hong Kong, Tai Po and I am from Singapore at the moment taking my degree course of Fine Art in my 2nd year.
      I love Hong Kong, lot of rugged landscape easy access by bus or tram and food paradise alas.

    • I now understand what the Tan means – it is the same as the Chinese surname Chan or Chen.
      I live in Tai Po, a new town I helped to plan, design and build since 1975; although I didn’t originally live there.
      I think Spore is a bit small but the food there is great too.
      My nephew is now working in Spore for a bank after he finished his studies in LSE, UK and my niece is having a Singaporean boy friend.
      I envy that you have a proper training in the fine arts.

    • Yea, you are right- chan is my Chinese Surname. Wow! so are you an architect, and yes, S’pore is a small island but living in S’pore is better well off than in Hong Kong.
      As you are aware housing market are too high for a new generation to buy now. But in S’pore it is a different story, we can buy a house much cheaper than HK. Ha!!! Good to hear your nephew and niece are /going to be a S’porean.
      I feel myself lacking in education and trill to find there are so many different paths to learn in Fine Arts. In Fine Art, I find myself as designer, sculptor and also a laborer where I need to use my hands to make and create something in 2D or 3D so it is also fun and totally different from photography.
      Thank Michael and it is great to have another new friend in Hong Kong.

    • I am a civil engineer by training but have been involved in the formation ( vast reclamation from the sea etc) of land, provision of all infrastructure, like drainage, bridges, subways, sewerage, roads, utilities etc to allow new towns with their housing to be built.
      The cost of housing in HK is too much and cannot be afforded by the young people, their expenditure in this regard has reduced their spending on other matters making them unhappy.
      I am glad that you are so hands on in your Fine Arts and you are very welcome as a friend!

    • I know you are retire now, do you spend most of your time going out photography and writing. As I know Photography keep a person active as most of my friends in Hong Kong are taking up photography and they go out to China and everywhere to get the sights or locations to try their hands to perfect the skill.
      Thanks Michael and have a wonderful Friday, my friend.

    • Hi Cat, I am learning Chinese calligraphy and Spanish for over 3 years now. I don’t take many photos as some of you may believe especially now that I have to be the care giver to my mom. I am also doing hiking in the nearby hills for exercise. Thanks Cat and hope you will have a good weekend!

    • Woo! you have so much going on, not an easy life. Always keen on Chinese calligraphy and don’t have the time to do so. Will put into my bucket list to do, and hope one day, I am not so pack up with my life to do it.
      Thanks Michael and you and your family have a wonderful weekend.

    • It is not an easy work as care giver, it involve a lot of hard work as they need lot of care and love at the older age suffering from illness. My parent-in-law passed away in Hong Kong – one this year Feb and the other last year August. Especially, my father in law had been staying with home care for 2 to 3 months where he suffered a lot. At least we managed to get two domestic maids to look after them till they passed away.
      You will learn the patience and kind heart as times go with more practice and help, it will be much easier.
      Have a wonderful Monday, my friend.

  1. Excellent shot. Now I wonder why there “chinese” lions, when I think lions never made it all the way there. Tigers yes. Lions no. (Lions went as far as India, I think, where there are only a few left)
    But then one might say the same about dragons right?

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