Milford Sound ( On a Cloudy Day)

Just wonder whether Milford Sound has always been cloudy.IMG_0051

Maybe, the only question is whether it is overcast, partially covered, dark clouds on a rainy day  or white clouds on a good day.

Moody picture taken by my wife who is still travelling in New Zealand.


35 thoughts on “Milford Sound ( On a Cloudy Day)

  1. Moody picture indeed – and wow – I do not teach art anymore but if I did – I would show students this photo as an example of value – depth – and layers – what beauty!

  2. Hi Michael, first of all thought you were still in Wales and still having bad weather! Confusing Milford Haven and Milford Sound! Then saw your wife was in NZ so googled Milford Sound. Some lovely clear pictures of the sMe scene so the sun does shine sometimes. Also saw that Milford Sound was named after Milford Haven! You live and learn! Cheers from a still cloudy Wales UK.

    • Given that New Zealand was connected to the UK, it is not surprising that some names of places are the same or similar. Even in HK, which has a been a colony until 1997, we still have a lot of street names / places which are the same as in the UK. I like my days in Wales, especially up the Snowdonia Mountain and the Isle of Anglesey. Regards, Michael

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