Butterfly & Flower

My previous post “Death of a Butterfly” received very good response.

Lately, the weather turns cold and I find a few more dead butterflies lying on the pavement.IMG_1218

In contrast, the butterfly here is alive and remarkably beautiful.

Like the butterflies, we all have our beautiful moments.

The picture was taken by my classmate Chung Kwok Fan, to whom credit is due. I have previously featured his photos on the blog and they were very much liked.

38 thoughts on “Butterfly & Flower

    • Unfortunately I don’t. They are not uncommon here and the photo was taken in a rural area which is known for butterflies. With global warming, we now have other types of butterflies coming here as well.

    • It’s a good thing she still is on chemo. Means her body is accepting the treatment. Does not always happen. So that’s a good sign, obviously side effects must be checked and so forth, but that is good news.

    • Mom has been taking Prosure (mixed with other milk powder) and has been gaining weight. She is probably on the eight course of taking the Xeloda chemo pills. The major side effect to her is that she feels tired and her White Blood Cell drops to the lower margin. The worry is that if the WBC (actually a constituent of the WBC) drops too low, then she may not be able to continue doing the chemo, or the cancer cells may be develop resistance to Xeloda in which case she has to be given some even more aggressive chemo. She is KRAS or whatever mutated, so she cannot use the ordinary Target medicine. I must say God has been exceedingly kind to her and us as well.

    • Xeloda is one the leading chemo right now, so if she is taking it well, that is good, and prosure and weight gain is also good news. It is tiring, and u r right, the white blood cells have to be monitored closely, ‘coz it means low defenses against infections. Well my friend, I’m leaving for Colombia next week for a fortnight with little or no Internet, so allow me to wish you and all your family a very happy Christmas and New Year. Take care. Brian

    • Hi Brian, thanks for the information.
      I also wish you and your family aa very happy Christmas and New Year.
      Chinese new year is also coming up in February.

    • A funny concidende. But then 1953 is the best year. Funny tough: i’ve only recently learned I was a “snake” when i always thought i was a cat but there are no cats in your calendar. 😹

    • There is Rat in the Chinese calendar, they said you cannot have both Rats and Cats in the same calendar.
      Snake represents vitality and clever, so we are not bad!

    • We aren’t indeed. πŸ™‚ (back home and re-connected, so I can catch up with mails and posts and comments) Wish you a great 2016, with lots of health in the family. (That being the only riches really worth it) πŸ™‚

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