Milford Track (Rain & Mist)

I think I would not attempt to hike the Milford Track in New Zealand.

I have made my decision after seeing this photo taken by my wife.IMG_0030

Mind you, this photo wasn’t taken as a Black and White photo.

This to me, seems too intimidating!


30 thoughts on “Milford Track (Rain & Mist)

  1. Nah, some of my family walked it in their teens and had little old ladies passing em. Besides you don’t even have to carry your back pack, you can have it sent on ahead to the next luxury hut where a nice bed and full meal awaits. Scenery is spectacular and worth it.

    I think the wild weather puts people off but just skip the spring with its changeable weather and possible glacier melt in the rivers

    Other tracks nearby are tougher


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