Fly Butterfly Fly

To many visitors, Hong Kong is a concrete jungle with  high rises everywhere.

Yes, it is true that it is a vertical city. But 70% of the territory is designated as Country Park or similar. So if you drive for about 30 minutes from the city, you will find a complete change in scenery – green views almost everywhere.IMG_1213A

The photo is taken by my friend KF Chung in Fung Yuen, Tai Po in the New territories of Hong Kong.

Fung Yuen has 42 ha of natural reserve which is the bleeding ground of some 200 species of butterflies. In fact, the number of species increase due to global warming – some rare species are coming here from the tropical areas.

30 thoughts on “Fly Butterfly Fly

  1. Your friend Chung is a lucky man, I had been there last year in July unfortunately there aren’t much rare butterflies there due to constructions building high rise. Some photographers said that the construction works had killed the wild life from coming to Tai Po Butterfly Park, I am not sure what is happening. As I am just unlucky manage to see 2 different variety of butterflies in there.

  2. A lovely butterfly. A good example that maybe “Global warming” (if there is such a thing and it can be measured, which I doubt) can have positive effects. 🙂

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