Poetry and Calligraphy

I have been learning Chinese Calligraphy for three and a half years now.

For practicing the art, we used to write Chinese poems.

Here is the one I like best – it is known as the Poetry  “Lin Jiang Xian” or Fairies by the River.

I have translated it into English, accompanied with the Chinese words.

As to my calligraphy, I have written it in the Cursive Style.

A presentation which have characters in curves and in a flowing style.Chinese Calligraphy

Please enjoy the poem:

The roaring Yangtze disappears to the East, crushing waves take away many a hero.

Right or wrong, success or failure, it quickly turns to nothing.

Yet green hills remain and the sun rises and sets, leaving streaks of red.

As for the silver-haired fishermen and the wood choppers on the river island,
they are so used to viewing the Autumn moon and enjoying the Spring breeze.

With a bottle of cheap wine, they happily greet and cheer meeting each others.

Many a legend old and new, they would just laugh them away!