Poetry and Calligraphy

I have been learning Chinese Calligraphy for three and a half years now.

For practicing the art, we used to write Chinese poems.

Here is the one I like best – it is known as the Poetry  “Lin Jiang Xian” or Fairies by the River.

I have translated it into English, accompanied with the Chinese words.

As to my calligraphy, I have written it in the Cursive Style.

A presentation which have characters in curves and in a flowing style.Chinese Calligraphy

Please enjoy the poem:

The roaring Yangtze disappears to the East, crushing waves take away many a hero.

Right or wrong, success or failure, it quickly turns to nothing.

Yet green hills remain and the sun rises and sets, leaving streaks of red.

As for the silver-haired fishermen and the wood choppers on the river island,
they are so used to viewing the Autumn moon and enjoying the Spring breeze.

With a bottle of cheap wine, they happily greet and cheer meeting each others.

Many a legend old and new, they would just laugh them away!

60 thoughts on “Poetry and Calligraphy

  1. Only for a few credit hours, but I took classic Chinese at high school. My teacher then introduce some Chinese poems reciting them. I was deeply impress by the sound of them. I think the poem you introduced here would be even more beautiful if it were read aloud in original. I’m sorry I miss that here.

  2. Beautiful script! I am impressed with your skill. And may I add so interesting as I have recently posted about an exhibition devoted to 3000 years of Chinese calligraphy, which left me speechless. It was a wonderful coincidence to see your post today.

  3. What an amazing poem! All the more appreciated for having seen the yangtze river and walked the tiger leaping gorge just recently.
    Your calligraphy skills are to be greatly admired thankyou Trees

    • Glad that you like it!
      Calligraphy should be an art, so even those don’t know the language or the format should be able to appreciate it. Regards, Michael

  4. That is beautiful but due to you have written in Curvise style I only managed to pick up a few words, as my Chinese language became rusty after so many years living in England.
    Simply love it and it a piece of art to be display it on the wall.

    • It is a poem about life, a poem that tells us that we shouldn’t be too concerned with success and failures in life – the quality of life is more important!

  5. Dear Michael, I must learn from you. You certainly progress very fast. Within a span of year, you’ve start to write 行书。Love all your posts.


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