Weekly Photo Challenge (Gathering of ?)

I don’t really know the common or scientific names of these animals in English.CIMG1017

They are definitely not the racoons which I like.

Here is a gathering of these interesting animals in the ChimeLong Park, China.

42 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Gathering of ?)

  1. I believe the are called Meerkat. The cable channel Animal Planet use to have cameras running around a family of meerkats, following their every move. I could watch them for hours. Great picture

  2. There was a show on the cable TV channel Animal Planet that was devoted to these creatures. It was called Meerkat Manor and it was a dramatized nature show that followed these little bug eating Meerkats as they lived their daily lives. I was a big fan.

  3. Those are surikats or meerkats. (Remember the Lion King? Hakuna matata?) I thought they lived only in South Africa. Didn’t know there were some in China. Wow! Quite a distance.

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