Weekly Photo Challenge: Now (Hong Kong)

This week’s DP theme for the Photo Challenge is Now.

I have a series of pictures here taken with a similar background – the skylines of the Hong Kong Island with the hills behind and the Victoria Harbor.12342677_808222855971893_5968102527660572133_n

All pictures have also in common the Star Ferry harbor crossing vessel.

The first picture have been take in the 1950s, the second one in the 1980s.1074828_564517866928007_1891007504_o

The last one was taken Now.

It can be appreciated from the photos the tremendous change that has happened to the shoreline / skyline of Hong Kong Island.DSCF2015

I didn’t take the first two photos, they were downloaded from the internet. As the source cannot be ascertained, I am unable to ask the photographers for their permission to upload. The credit of these photos belong to these unknown photographers.

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Now (Hong Kong)

  1. And I’ll bet you didn’t notice most of the changes over the years. Sometimes when we see a newly cleared block we can’t remember the building that was there last week.

    • As a child riding on the Star Ferry, what I noticed was that the neon lights were mounted on buildings that were only 10-20 stories high, they were so close to the eyes. When I grew up, I still took the Star Ferry, I noticed that the some buildings have blocked the view of the mountains behind. Now the buildings are so tall that you no longer mount neon signs on them, but then the buildings have computer controlled lights on the walls and the buildings are so tall that the mountains behind are dwarfed!

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