Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle (Bridge)

This week’s photo challenge is Circle.

The circular form is a common architectural expression in the bridge design of China.DSC_0027

Many of the masonry bridges have circular openings. Structurally, they rely on the arching action in the masonry.DSC_0028

The first two photos were taken in FengHuang city ( or the Phoenix City ) of China.This bridge has three circular openings. The second picture shows a single opening in more detail.

The photo of the last bridge was taken in West Lake, HangZhou of China.DSCF6494A

It is a graceful looking arch bridge, again with three spans.

When viewed with the reflection, complete circles are formed.

48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle (Bridge)

    • Arches are only strong in compression ( as strong as the constituent rock materials but not any stronger). Their form is such that they will be put into compression, as such, they are usually heavy and the span lengths are limited. Long span bridges are those that can resist both tension and compression.

  1. Beautiful captures, Michael. Love your observations about the arches of the bridges being circular. That is so true, what fine architecture and symbolic of prosperity in Chinese culture. Best wishes for the year 🙂

  2. It’s awesome! And it’s amazing with the building on! Is it really a building or does it just look that way? I’ve seen similar before in Europe, south Germany and Switzerland,

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