Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle (Yurts)

It is difficult to get away from circles.

Even as I type up this post, there are several objects on my table that are circles.DSCF2200

As a kid, I learn that a circle is a collection of points equidistant from the center.

As I get older, I understand that a circle can be regarded as an N-sided polygon, with N approaching to infinity.DSCF2205

Here are some examples of circles found in Inner Mongolia.

The first one is the ceiling inside a Mongolian yurt where all supporting members come together.DSCF2206A

The other two photos show the exterior of the yurts.

So circles are everywhere!

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle (Yurts)

  1. Like the telling of dimensions here, Michael. You have rather encapsulated the geometry of which I was obsessed sailing in the middle of the wide blue oceans. As the boat advanced so the horizon behind receded and above the hemisphere of sky transcended while below the water filled the curve.

    • Pi can only be presented as an infinite series which will never end.
      A circle is a figure the perimeter of which is a minimum for the same area. That is, if you draw a figure and measure the area and the perimeter. For the same area, the circle is the only shape that will give you the smallest perimeter ( circumference in the case of a circle).

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