Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless ( Smoke )

Lately, the DP Photo Challenges are getting more and more difficult to handle.

This week, the theme of the challenge is Weightless.

I am sure smoke has weight too.DSCF0162A

Things that have mass have weight.

Smoke particles, which has mass,  must carry some weight.

Nevertheless, they seem to be floating away from these incense sticks.

The picture was taken in Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong.

It not only appears weightless, but also timeless!

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless ( Smoke )

    • Man Mo Temple is an amazing place to visit. I am also fascinated with the light which shone through the gaps of the many hanging spiral incense coils. Please see my other posts on this if you are interested.

    • The focus was strictly on the incense sticks so the background looks blur. Also the aperture was set to the minimum so that as to create a motion on the smoke.

  1. I suppose weightlessness is a relative thing. As with astronauts in space– surely they still have mass, but they float about as if weightless. I don’t know enough about science to know whether what we think of as “weight” is totally dependent on gravity. An interesting challenge to photograph!

    • The weight is proportionally to the product of the two masses (one of them is the earth) and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. So in space, at big distance from the earth, everything is almost weightless. I hope I still got my physics right!

  2. It’s an honor for you to like my weightless fly. After viewing your wonderful pictures and your interpretations of each I feel quite humbled to have you visit my blog. Thanks ever so much.

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