Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet ( More Spring Couplets)

Strangely enough, I don’t have many photos with Alphabets; maybe only some with ancient alphabets taken in Egypt and Turkey.

Here are two more Spring Couplets which hopefully would send some good omen around.FullSizeRender

The one on the left is for wishing good health – the first two characters on the top is Body and the lower two characters is Healthy. This is one of the most common couplet posted up during Lunar New Year wishing people Good Health in the coming year.

The one on the right is less commonly seen. The top character is luck and fortune. The second is Cup, the third Full and the fourth Overflowing . So, when taken together, they mean the cup of good luck is overflowing to the brink.

46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet ( More Spring Couplets)

  1. impressive. I’ve always been fascinated by chinese calligraphy. 3,500 characters to be able to read the newspaper, I’m told. I’ll never get there. And also fascinating is the structure. For instance, your last two characters on the right share the same three short strokes, almost dots on the left. Surely that is not chance, is it? Do the 3 strokes have a meaning of their own?

  2. While we are on calligraphy, I was looking for your mail to send you a picture of the “painting/writing” I’d told you about. Is it all right if I “insert” it in one of my comments, or do you prefer by mail? If the latter, my mail is in my gravatar, so you can send me your address. let me know

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