Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic (Sunrise)

We just have the coldest day in 60 years!

There was snow cum rain in the Tai Mo Shan (mountain) which fell to -5 degrees last night.

There were reports of the same elsewhere;  frost was reported on the lower grounds.

I can only blame global warming which has brought us extreme weather throughout the world.

Snow was never heard of in Hong Kong.

However, I know I have to be optimistic.DSC_0388

The view of sun rise has always brought me hope and even faith in God. This picture was taken in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Let’s be Optimistic and hope that everything will be back to normal in a few days’ time.

43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic (Sunrise)

    • The Observatory now explain that they are soft hail. Snow hasn’t melt and fall to the ground. Some people were eager to go up the mountains to see the view. 100 people were trapped as the roads are too slippery to climb down; police and fireman were mobilized to assist those people!

  1. Severe weather events seem to be becoming increasingly common all over the world. Parts of the UK have had terrible floods this winter causing much suffering. I read that China and the Far East are having heavy snowstorms as is the east coast of the US. Our climate seems to definitely be on the change and makes you realise how vulnerable we are as humans in the face of nature. But then your beautiful photograph shows us the beauty of that same nature that we are so privileged to enjoy. I love the colours. Truly magnificent.

    • I dread to hear that water levels may rise 7m and frozen ground will soften etc if temp. rises by 2 more degrees. Are we heading for global destruction? What is the hope of the next generation? Sigh!

  2. A lovely sunset Michael. I’m generally not too keen on sunset photos, as the result is generally well below the original sunset in al its glory, but this one has depth. (Malaysia? Another route on the TT list

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