Weekly Photo Challenge : Vibrant ( City )

Hong Kong must be one of the most vibrant cities.

The waves in the harbor was a bit choppy when I took the photo.DSCF2047A

We have carried out a bit too much land reclamation, narrowing the harbor.

Waves set up by ship wash or wind just got bounced back and forth in the harbor.

Together with the city lights, they form a Vibrant picture.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Vibrant ( City )

    • I worked on maritime / marine engineering before I retired; designing and supervising the construction of the biggest container terminal here in HK – therefore I am more sensitive to issues like wind, waves, currents and water levels. High tide presently is not a problem, typhoon surge may flood the low lying area but in future with global warming raising sea levels plus the occasional high storm surge could flood parts of HK.

    • Hi Brieuc, I have done many things – creating new towns which together housed several million people in HK, traffic and transportation planning, traffic control and surveillance, training of rivers to prevent extensive flooding in the New Territories, material engineering, risk management etc. So, I am having another life.

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