Wettest January

Last month has been the wettest January Hong Kong has seen since records began 132 years ago, the Hong Kong Observatory has announced.CIMG7818A

As of Friday afternoon, over 260mm of rainfall had been recorded, the Observatory said, making this month the wettest January since 1884. Previously, the wettest on record was January 1887, when 214.3mm of rain fell.CIMG7820

The first picture is the mist outside my window. I have changed it to Black and White to make it look more moody.

The second picture was taken in the portrait format. There were so many raindrops on my window pane.

Go away, El Nino!

26 thoughts on “Wettest January

  1. That’s a very interesting observation Michael. The current El Nino is having the opposite effect here in South Africa, where 2015’s been recorded as both the driest and hottest year in over a hundred years of records, with a heatwave in January that broke all the temperature records again already!

  2. Here in Vermont, in the northeastern US, we are essentially snowless and have had little rain as well. We have seen several months of record warmth. Yes, time for this El Nino to go away. Sadly, this is a taste of things to come.

  3. We too, have had the wettest January on record. Today, however, we have sunshine door to door so I’m about to venture out for a walk along the beach with new camera and hope to remember what to do when faced with something I want to photograph.

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