Weekly Photo Challenge: Time (Ghost Town)

Bodie in Calfornia is a town frozen in time in a “state of arrested decay”.

It is  originally a mining town from the late 1800’s.DSCF3541

What’s left today stands in a state of “arrested decay” and is maintained by the California State Parks System, who took over the town in 1962 to make it a State Historic Park.DSCF3527

It is a stunning experience to visit this town with many things reminding you of the past.

Abandoned houses, abandoned shops which still have something still displayed in the shop windows.DSCF3531

Abandoned cars which remind you that they were once in a good working condition.

Photographing abandoned houses in HK is one of my favorite activities; I enjoy going around photographing them.DSCF3580

These photos were taken by my wife while travelling in North California.

It is a trip I have sorely missed as I have to stay at home with more important things to deal with.

Hope I will have a chance to visit it one day.



34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Time (Ghost Town)

  1. Bodie had a reputation in its day for moral decay and debauchery. One museum cited from a little girl’s diary when she discovered her family was moving to Bodie : “Goodbye God. We’re moving to Bodie.” Evidently there are some places, in this girl’s thinking, that even God won’t go to.

  2. Great shots, can’t believe they shop still had things on display in the window! The first picture is very evocative and looks so abandoned and sad. Hope you can visit the area one day yourself.

  3. I love this post! I am really curious about such ghost towns and finding about its past. Why is there stuff in those shops?

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