Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons ( Annecy in Spring )

This week’s DP photo challenge is Seasons.

We had a good walk around the gardens at Annecy, France.DSCF1020A

Here are a couple of causal pictures which were taken during Spring.

They show how lovely Annecy can be around that time.DSCF1017A

Please enjoy!


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons ( Annecy in Spring )

    • Annecy is a bit off from the usual travel destinations in France.
      Mom has taken her first drip of Oxalplatin yesterday. She will be taking it in conjunction with Xeloda.
      We can only pray.

    • Oxalplatin? Ok. Means there still are options. 🙂 That is good.
      And yes Annecy is a bit off. I like the way you “paint” it. It looks very much better than when I was there.

    • However, Oxalplatin could be the last resort.
      Understand Target medicine may not be that effective for colon cancer. Hope there are new drugs coming up.
      There are parts of Annecy that I still want to explore.

    • The important thing is to do something and keep on doing, and manage side-effects. I do hope those are reasonably under control and that your mother can lead as normal a life as can be: walk around, go out, see friends and family. One day at a time. 🙂

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