Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony ( Private Garden )

I never knew that my friend has a private garden until I visited him.

It was a place filled with harmony.CIMG3488

Harmony between man made garden and the inner self.

A garden with quiet corners, with moon gates and all sort of green plants.CIMG3513A

Here are a few pictures taken there.

The garden even has a moon gate which some rich people in olden China have as entrances to their private gardens.CIMG3507

The garden also have ponds where kois are reared.

A garden that is kept secret from neigbours and friends.CIMG3484

Maybe, this is his little secret garden, a garden that he finds solace and peace of mind.

Some day, I hope I will also have a garden similar to this.CIMG3492

Of course, this is my secret dream.CIMG3512