The Symmetry of Nature

For centuries, symmetry has remained a subject that has fascinated philosophers, astronomers, mathematicians, artists, architects, physicists and of course photographers.

No one is sure why it is present in so many things in nature, or what is the mathematics behind it.IMG_1219

It is said that the most beautiful face is a face that is entirely symmetrical about the vertical line.

Here is an example of symmetry in butterfly.

Photograph taken in Hong Kong.

28 thoughts on “The Symmetry of Nature

  1. It’s not true though. If you reflect one side of your face in a mirror (or digitally), it looks very strange indeed. For humans st least, perfect symmetry is not natural! That is a fantastic butterfly though, really stunning!

  2. Currently I have a three year old preschool student that is absolutely fascinated by line of symmetry. She has been painting and drawing variations for two weeks now!

  3. Except for the background, it looks as if you could have made a mirror image of one half of the photo and fused it together. Quite remarkable.

  4. A very good picture. And a very good question. One could say: “The DNA helix is symmetrical”. Probably has to do with chemistry. I will ask my wife. My personal take? Symmetry is beauty. A balance of proportions. Think of an “asymmetrical” Bridge? Probably would be ugly… šŸ˜‰

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