Up Up to the Sky

While travelling in Yunnan, China, I captured this photo of some temples.

The interesting thing is that at the corners of the eaves of the temples, there are funny decorations pointing to the sky.DSC_0262

To me, they look like dragons, dancing upwards to the sky.

I could only marvel at the attention of details to this roof construction.

Not sure whether there is some mythology behind it.

22 thoughts on “Up Up to the Sky

  1. Surely there must be some mythology or hidden stories behind these interesting details, as with the gargoyles in European cathedrals. It’s wonderful to see buildings that also are works of art.

  2. A long, long time ago I asked my mother why the temples in Thailand had similar “points” on the corners of the roofs, she told me it was “protection” against the evil spirits. Most likely the same in China?
    BTB how’s your mother? Reasonably well I hope?

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