Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance ( of the Dolphins )

Have been out to the sea to see the dolphins; but never saw so many dolphins at the same time.

The Video below was taken by my wife while in California.

This video doesn’t exist

. . .. . . . . .  it shows a group of dolphins swimming playfully.

It looks as if they were dancing happily.

What a delightful sight!

25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance ( of the Dolphins )

  1. thanks for sharing this! It made me happy at the same time sad…. because I thought of the dolphins that have been captured and stuck at SeaWorld. They have no room to swim like these dolpins, no room to play as they are suppose to do….that is soooo sad! i wish for all living beings to be able to be in their natural habitat! Why do we feel that it is our right to take them away from their homes?? Thanks for sharing this beauty!! loved it!

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